What Are The Best Train Tours In The Pacific Northwest?

The Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Northwest encompass many things. This is a very gorgeous area of the United States and it awards travelers by offer a range of unforgettable experiences. There are also beautiful landscapes, exciting cities, rugged coastlines and a untouched wilderness that includes several national parks. From the heart of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco to the Victoria by the seaside to Banff and Jasper, the allure of this region certainly merits exploration. Fortunately, you can explore all of these areas and more by train.

Pacific Northwest Train Tour

With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the massive mountain ranges to the east, The PNW, or Pacific Northwest, is one of the most coveted regions in the United States. And, this is for good reason. This is the region where the most inspiring coastal and wild landscapes meet up with the fluorescent, bright lights of the cities.

During the train tour, you will discover the cities of Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. This train tour lasts eight days, and there is plenty of sightseeing and picture-perfect experiences that will stay with you for many years.

Spend some time in the ‘City by the Bay’, as well as wander through Muir Woods before heading to Portland.

Even though Portland is considered a major city, it still has a small town charm that captivates visitors and keep them returning year after year. The city also boasts serene wilderness and attractions that are always crowd pleasers.

Spend some time outdoors by visiting the gardens and parks in the city. While you are shopping and dining, discover all of the hidden gems that make Portland a ‘weird’ city that is loved by locals and visitors.

Seattle, or the Emerald City, there are more landmarks and attractions waiting to be explored. The legendary Pike Place Market and the Space Needle are two of the most iconic structures in the city.

West Coast Spectacular

Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco represent what it is that continues to attract people from around the world to the West Coast of the United States. On this 10-day train tour, you will have the chance to not only experience scenery that is unlike any other in the country, but you will also have time to create memories in each city that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Between the mountain vistas and the Puget Sound lies Seattle. This is the first stop, and it is a must-visit travel destination. It is here where you will enjoy some of the most iconic flavors, sights and sounds of Washington State.

You will then head to San Francisco. This city is known for its magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, even though it is often shrouded by fog.

San Francisco offers visitors a lifetime of experiences during this train tour. Rolling hillsides, dynamic diversity, classic cable cars, legendary neighborhoods, winning cocktails and cuisine and a rich history are some of the reasons why this city is one of the favorite stops along the train tour.

Traveling further south, the train tour will enter in Los Angeles. Tourists will quickly learn that there is much more to this city than Hollywood celebrities and starlets. It is a very unique city that is filled with incredible moments for tourists to discover.

Portland And Seattle Getaway

Seattle and Portland are the two of the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest, and they each offer something for everyone. Each city is in close proximity to an unlimited bounty of rural and wild locations that help make for train tour that will be truly unforgettable.

On this five-day train tour, you will be able to discover all of the wonderful things that this area of the United States has going for it. First stop on the tour is Portland. It has four districts that are unique from each other, and it also has an intoxicating combination of culture, entertainment and art.

Have a picnic at Tom McCall Park or stroll through the state’s historical society.

When you get to Seattle, take the time to explore the best sights in the city, including the Space Needle, the Woodland Park Zoo and the Pacific Science Center.

Canadian Rockies Discovery Eastbound With Seattle

The Canadian Rockies has a rugged natural beauty that is second to none. Alpine lakes, glaciers, mountains, abundant wildlife and vast forests are just some of the landscapes you will see during this 11-day tour.

This tour is the awe-inspiring adventure that you have always dreamed of. Aside from the watching the amazing sights in the cities of Victoria, Seattle, Calgary and Vancouver, the main attraction of this train tour is the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.

Take a tour of the world famous Icefields Parkway, and then take an interactive ride on the popular Ice Explorer.

The Pacific Northwest is a diverse and beautiful landscape that is unrivaled. If you want to see and experience everything this region has to offer while you simply relax and enjoy the scenery, book a train tour.