Your Ultimate Guide To Your Seattle Day Tour

Seattle Washington Tours

Seattle is different from most of the major cities in the United States in that it is completely possible to get a good idea of what Seattle has to offer during a day tour. Although you will not be able to fit everything in your itinerary, with 24 hours at your disposal, you will be able to enjoy the highlights of the city.

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing calling Seattle home, the city is attracting thousands of young professionals who are looking to advance their careers. In fact, the city has seen an almost 20% increase in its population since 2010, and there are not any signs that the growth will decline anytime soon.

A Weather PSA

Unless you are a local, you will need to be prepared for the weather during your day of Seattle tours. Seattle has a notorious reputation for having some of the worst weather in the country. It is often described as rainy, gloomy and dark.

Of course it does rain, but it never truly pours. This means that Seattle is not known for torrential storms and downpours that are common in other places.

So, the best way to be prepared is to make sure you have a rain jacket packed and expect it to drizzle while you are there. If you use an umbrella, it will be instantly obvious to the locals that you are a tourist.

If you decide to visit during the summer, you can enjoy the clear skies, sunshine and comfortable temperatures.

Seattle is a very beautiful city, however, it is unlikely that you will not have enough time during your tour to go hiking. You will be able to enjoy the evergreen tress throughout the city. On a really clear day, you will be able to see Mt. Rainier, and you may even see a bald eagle or two.

With that said, let’s begin this one day tour in Seattle.


You can begin your day by having breakfast at Biscuit B–ch. This is a welcoming but grungy café that serves as the ideal introduction to life in the Pacific Northwest.

The music can get loud, and you may hear a few non child-friendly words during your visit, but if you stay for a few minutes, its charm will grow on you. And once you taste your breakfast, you will see why there is always a line out the door.

The café has three locations:

Pike Place
Pioneer Square

If your hotel is near Pike Place Market, you can visit the location that is inside Caffe Lieto. Keep in mind, this location can be more difficult to find than the others because it is inside of the market and it does not have its own sign.

Enjoy A Morning Cup Of Joe

Anyone who knows anything about Seattle knows that the coffee culture is intense. This is the home of Starbucks, and there are many other great local coffee shops. Some of the best for you to choose from are:

El Diablo
Café Umbria
Milstead & Co.
Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The Sightseeing Sights

Now that you have had your coffee fix, you can tour some of the most recognizable attractions in Seattle. The Space Needle was built for the World’s Fair in 1962, and it has remained an icon in the city.

There are also two museums near the Space Needle. They are Chihuly Garden and Glass and MOPOP (Museum of Pop Culture). After finishing up at the Seattle Center, you can head to another major attraction for lunch.

Pike Place Market

This is one of the places that people think of when they speak of Seattle. The lunch time hour is the best time to visit the market because it is during this time you will have the full experience of the market.

To maximize your time, visit one or two of these staples at Pike Place:

Pike Place Chowder
Beecher’s Homemade Cheese

Before you leave, take some time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Stop by Pike Place Fish Market stall so you can glimpse the ‘flying fish’ and of course, you will have to take a picture with the iconic market sign.

Visit A Seattle Neighborhood

If you want to get out of the tourist areas, spend some time in one of Seattle’s neighborhoods. Each one has its own distinct flavor.

Fremont is considered a tourist friendly neighborhood. It is walkable and has great character. You can easily spend the latter half of your day in just this neighborhood. There is the Fremont troll, the Lenin Statue and the Fremont Vintage Mall that was featured in Macklemore’s video, Thrift Shop.

If you have some extra time, you can take a bike ride to Gas Works Park. This was once a utility plant that was transformed into green space.

You certainly deserve a delicious meal to put the cherry on top of your Seattle one day tour. There are ideal options for every budget. Some of the local favorites are Frelard Pizza Company, Dick’s Drive-in and Revel.

Needless to say that no matter what you choose to do during your one day tour in Seattle, you will have a full itinerary. That is why the city is often referred to as the Wonderland of the Pacific North.