Your Ultimate Guide To Your Seattle Day Tour

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Seattle is different from most of the major cities in the United States in that it is completely possible to get a good idea of what Seattle has to offer during a day tour. Although you will not be able to fit everything in your itinerary, with 24 hours at your disposal, you will be able to enjoy the highlights of the city.

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing calling Seattle home, the city is attracting thousands of young professionals who are looking to advance their careers. In fact, the city has seen an almost 20% increase in its population since 2010, and there are not any signs that the growth will decline anytime soon.

A Weather PSA

Unless you are a local, you will need to be prepared for the weather during your day of Seattle tours. Seattle has a notorious reputation for having some of the worst weather in the country. It is often described as rainy, gloomy and dark.

Of course it does rain, but it never truly pours. This means that Seattle is not known for torrential storms and downpours that are common in other places.

So, the best way to be prepared is to make sure you have a rain jacket packed and expect it to drizzle while you are there. If you use an umbrella, it will be instantly obvious to the locals that you are a tourist.

If you decide to visit during the summer, you can enjoy the clear skies, sunshine and comfortable temperatures.

Seattle is a very beautiful city, however, it is unlikely that you will not have enough time during your tour to go hiking. You will be able to enjoy the evergreen tress throughout the city. On a really clear day, you will be able to see Mt. Rainier, and you may even see a bald eagle or two.

With that said, let’s begin this one day tour in Seattle.


You can begin your day by having breakfast at Biscuit B–ch. This is a welcoming but grungy café that serves as the ideal introduction to life in the Pacific Northwest.

The music can get loud, and you may hear a few non child-friendly words during your visit, but if you stay for a few minutes, its charm will grow on you. And once you taste your breakfast, you will see why there is always a line out the door.

The café has three locations:

Pike Place
Pioneer Square

If your hotel is near Pike Place Market, you can visit the location that is inside Caffe Lieto. Keep in mind, this location can be more difficult to find than the others because it is inside of the market and it does not have its own sign.

Enjoy A Morning Cup Of Joe

Anyone who knows anything about Seattle knows that the coffee culture is intense. This is the home of Starbucks, and there are many other great local coffee shops. Some of the best for you to choose from are:

El Diablo
Café Umbria
Milstead & Co.
Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The Sightseeing Sights

Now that you have had your coffee fix, you can tour some of the most recognizable attractions in Seattle. The Space Needle was built for the World’s Fair in 1962, and it has remained an icon in the city.

There are also two museums near the Space Needle. They are Chihuly Garden and Glass and MOPOP (Museum of Pop Culture). After finishing up at the Seattle Center, you can head to another major attraction for lunch.

Pike Place Market

This is one of the places that people think of when they speak of Seattle. The lunch time hour is the best time to visit the market because it is during this time you will have the full experience of the market.

To maximize your time, visit one or two of these staples at Pike Place:

Pike Place Chowder
Beecher’s Homemade Cheese

Before you leave, take some time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Stop by Pike Place Fish Market stall so you can glimpse the ‘flying fish’ and of course, you will have to take a picture with the iconic market sign.

Visit A Seattle Neighborhood

If you want to get out of the tourist areas, spend some time in one of Seattle’s neighborhoods. Each one has its own distinct flavor.

Fremont is considered a tourist friendly neighborhood. It is walkable and has great character. You can easily spend the latter half of your day in just this neighborhood. There is the Fremont troll, the Lenin Statue and the Fremont Vintage Mall that was featured in Macklemore’s video, Thrift Shop.

If you have some extra time, you can take a bike ride to Gas Works Park. This was once a utility plant that was transformed into green space.

You certainly deserve a delicious meal to put the cherry on top of your Seattle one day tour. There are ideal options for every budget. Some of the local favorites are Frelard Pizza Company, Dick’s Drive-in and Revel.

Needless to say that no matter what you choose to do during your one day tour in Seattle, you will have a full itinerary. That is why the city is often referred to as the Wonderland of the Pacific North.

Whitewater Rafting Tours Are As Much Fun As You Can Have!

American Rafting Tours



The Boca Run is an exhilarating Class III, intermediate, whitewater tour that begins gently and then progressively becomes more challenging. Building to an exciting finish in Floriston Gorge, with rapids like “Jaws” and “Pinball”, you are sure to have a memorable/adventurous experience.

Whitewater Rafting: Truckee Office


Our Half Day Adventures allow guests to enjoy other activities in the beautiful Truckee/Tahoe area or make that special dinner reservation.


The TRUCKEE RIVER was named for the Washoe Indian Chief who befriended and guided many early settlers through the area on their journey to California.


The Boca Run is an exhilarating Class III, intermediate, whitewater tour that begins gently and then progressively becomes more challenging. Building to an exciting finish in Floriston Gorge, with rapids like “Jaws” and “Pinball”, you are sure to have a memorable/adventurous experience.


Wolf Creek Run: Class III

The Wolf Creek Run offers the more adventurous types seven miles of exciting continuous free flowing Class III whitewater with superb scenery. This tour is only available during snow melt times- spring and early summer.

Only for Children (Ages 7-12)


Tahoe Whitewater full day trips take place on several of the local regions rivers.


The American River is California’s classic Gold Country River. Its three forks rise in the High Sierra just west of Lake Tahoe and the Pacific Crest and flow west out of the mountains to merge with the Sacramento River in Sacramento. It’s on the South Fork of the American River that James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 and started the 49ers California Gold Rush, which settled the California Territory during turbulent times. The American River is also the birthplace of whitewater boating in California. It’s one of the most popular white water rivers in America.

The whitewater section between Placerville (starting at Chili Bar) and ending at Salmon Falls (Folsom Reservoir) is 21 miles of the most popular river found in the West. Depending on seasonal fluctuations and power releases, the water flows are normally at 1000 to 8000 cubic feet per second.

South Fork: Chili Bar Run: Class III

The Chili Bar Run begins with action packed rapids such as “Meat Grinder”, “Triple Threat” and “Troublemaker”. After lunch, enjoy many Class II rapids as you continue down towards the take-out. This tour has pick up locations in South Lake Tahoe. Lunch is provided.

South Fork: Gorge Run: Class III

The Gorge Run warms you up with exciting Class II rapids to start your day. After lunch, you will enter the Class III part of your tour with exhilarating rapids such as “Haystack Canyon”, “Satan’s Cesspool” and “Hospital Bar.” Lunch is provided.

Middle Fork Run: Class IV HIGH ADVENTURE!

The Middle Fork of the American River is a high adventure run! This 16-mile wilderness run offers some of the best, summer long, advanced whitewater in the state. Rapids, such as the famous “Tunnel Chute”, make this a trip you will never forget. We do ask that all of our guests have previous rafting experience and are competent swimmers. Lunch is provided.


Hangman’s Run: Class II

At Hangman’s Bridge, enter the world of Class II whitewater wilderness. This 21 mile stretch of river lets you enjoy fresh air, spectacular snow-capped mountains, and exciting rapids. At lunch enjoy natural geothermal hot springs as your guide prepares lunch. This exquisite escape into nature’s wonderland is only available during snow melt time–spring and early summer. Lunch is provided.


Farad Run: Class IV

Available only during higher water in the spring and early summer, the Farad Run is a full day of remarkable Class III- IV whitewater in the Lower Truckee Canyon. This tour features some memorable rapids like “Headhunter” and “Exit Stage Left”. Lunch is provided.

All departure times are subject to change. Please call for up-to-date information and to explore the possibilities.

Whitewater Rafting Tours in Truckee


Our Half Day Adventures allow guests to enjoy other activities in the beautiful Truckee/Tahoe area or make that special dinner reservation.


Verdi Run: Class II

The Verdi Run is a thrilling Class II whitewater tour, with such rapids as “Gorilla Falls” and “Powerhouse.” You pass by the site of the Great Train Robbery on this river run. We offer this tour in the spring only. Reservations Required.

Times: Call for specialized timing

Mayberry Run: Class II

This beginner whitewater tour meanders through downtown Reno. Running Chalk Bluffs Dam and the Reno Whitewater Park adds excitement to this Class I-II stretch of whitewater. We offer this tour in the spring and early summer only. Reservations Requested.

Times: Call for specialized timing

All departure times are subject to change. Please call for up-to-date information and to explore the possibilities.


The TRUCKEE RIVER was named for the Washoe Indian Chief who befriended and guided many early settlers through the area on their journey to California.


What Are The Best Train Tours In The Pacific Northwest?

The Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Northwest encompass many things. This is a very gorgeous area of the United States and it awards travelers by offer a range of unforgettable experiences. There are also beautiful landscapes, exciting cities, rugged coastlines and a untouched wilderness that includes several national parks. From the heart of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco to the Victoria by the seaside to Banff and Jasper, the allure of this region certainly merits exploration. Fortunately, you can explore all of these areas and more by train.

Pacific Northwest Train Tour

With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the massive mountain ranges to the east, The PNW, or Pacific Northwest, is one of the most coveted regions in the United States. And, this is for good reason. This is the region where the most inspiring coastal and wild landscapes meet up with the fluorescent, bright lights of the cities.

During the train tour, you will discover the cities of Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. This train tour lasts eight days, and there is plenty of sightseeing and picture-perfect experiences that will stay with you for many years.

Spend some time in the ‘City by the Bay’, as well as wander through Muir Woods before heading to Portland.

Even though Portland is considered a major city, it still has a small town charm that captivates visitors and keep them returning year after year. The city also boasts serene wilderness and attractions that are always crowd pleasers.

Spend some time outdoors by visiting the gardens and parks in the city. While you are shopping and dining, discover all of the hidden gems that make Portland a ‘weird’ city that is loved by locals and visitors.

Seattle, or the Emerald City, there are more landmarks and attractions waiting to be explored. The legendary Pike Place Market and the Space Needle are two of the most iconic structures in the city.

West Coast Spectacular

Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco represent what it is that continues to attract people from around the world to the West Coast of the United States. On this 10-day train tour, you will have the chance to not only experience scenery that is unlike any other in the country, but you will also have time to create memories in each city that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Between the mountain vistas and the Puget Sound lies Seattle. This is the first stop, and it is a must-visit travel destination. It is here where you will enjoy some of the most iconic flavors, sights and sounds of Washington State.

You will then head to San Francisco. This city is known for its magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, even though it is often shrouded by fog.

San Francisco offers visitors a lifetime of experiences during this train tour. Rolling hillsides, dynamic diversity, classic cable cars, legendary neighborhoods, winning cocktails and cuisine and a rich history are some of the reasons why this city is one of the favorite stops along the train tour.

Traveling further south, the train tour will enter in Los Angeles. Tourists will quickly learn that there is much more to this city than Hollywood celebrities and starlets. It is a very unique city that is filled with incredible moments for tourists to discover.

Portland And Seattle Getaway

Seattle and Portland are the two of the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest, and they each offer something for everyone. Each city is in close proximity to an unlimited bounty of rural and wild locations that help make for train tour that will be truly unforgettable.

On this five-day train tour, you will be able to discover all of the wonderful things that this area of the United States has going for it. First stop on the tour is Portland. It has four districts that are unique from each other, and it also has an intoxicating combination of culture, entertainment and art.

Have a picnic at Tom McCall Park or stroll through the state’s historical society.

When you get to Seattle, take the time to explore the best sights in the city, including the Space Needle, the Woodland Park Zoo and the Pacific Science Center.

Canadian Rockies Discovery Eastbound With Seattle

The Canadian Rockies has a rugged natural beauty that is second to none. Alpine lakes, glaciers, mountains, abundant wildlife and vast forests are just some of the landscapes you will see during this 11-day tour.

This tour is the awe-inspiring adventure that you have always dreamed of. Aside from the watching the amazing sights in the cities of Victoria, Seattle, Calgary and Vancouver, the main attraction of this train tour is the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.

Take a tour of the world famous Icefields Parkway, and then take an interactive ride on the popular Ice Explorer.

The Pacific Northwest is a diverse and beautiful landscape that is unrivaled. If you want to see and experience everything this region has to offer while you simply relax and enjoy the scenery, book a train tour.

The Different Types Of Tourism

tourism in seattle washington

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world and every year millions of people will travel for some form of tourism. There are a lot of different types of tourism. The different types of tourism are based on the reason for travel and the activities which are planned while away from home.

Adventure Tourism

One of the most common types of tourism is adventure tourism. As the name suggests, this type of tourism is for people who are seeking adventure and will generally involve outdoor activities. There are a lot of tourism companies that specialize in adventure tourism because of its popularity.

Adventure tourism generally requires the tourist to take some risks and have specific skills or training. Some of the common activities adventure tourists take part in include mountaineering, bungee jumping, skiing, rock climbing, and desert hiking. Adventure tourism requires trained guides in many cases and will need to be planned correctly for safety purposes.

Business Tourism

Many people do not consider business tourism as a real type of tourism. In fact, the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism do not class business tourism as a form of tourism. This is something that the World Tourism Organization disagrees on as they do class this as a type of tourism.

Regardless of the standing of these organizations, business tourism is a large area of tourism. As the name suggests, the tourist will travel to another city or country for business purposes. While there, they will also take part in some traditional tourist activities such as visiting certain attractions or getting a guided tour of the area.

Culinary Tourism

Culinary tourism is all about trying food in different countries and cities. This is a type of tourism which has become popular over the years and includes certain sub-categories of tourism. These sub-categories include enotourism which is wine tourism. In this sub-category, tourists are focused on experiencing different wines and will generally travel to winery locations.

There are certain counties and cities which benefit from this type of tourism more than others. France, Italy, and Mexico are common destinations with this type of tourism. This is due to their distinct foods and the popularity of these foods.

Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is the most common type of tourism and has been for centuries. This type of tourism involves visiting a location for a particular cultural reason. This could be to attend a festival that is only held in that area or to visit culturally significant attractions such as the Colosseum.

Cultural tourism will take place in urban and rural locations depending on the reason for the travel. There are a number of sub-categories of cultural tourism such as pop-culture tourism. This sub-category will involve traveling to areas that have appeared in pop culture such as movie or book locations.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism involves the tourist traveling to another country to receive medical care or undergo a medical procedure. There are common treatments that medical tourists will undergo such as cosmetic surgery and treatment for genetic disorders. These tourists will travel to another location for the treatment for a number of reasons including costs and treatment restrictions in certain countries.

There are some medical tourists who travel to receive alternative treatments. These treatments might not be approved in their country or they are looking for a specific doctor or practitioner. There is a sub-category of medical tourism known as suicide tourism where people travel to countries where euthanasia is legal.

There are many different types of tourism and they are dependent on the activities the tourist partakes in. The most common will be cultural and adventure tourism.


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