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Fort Pierce is located on the “Treasure Coast” along the Indian River Lagoon, the Nation’s most biologically diverse estuary. Welcome to Fort Pierce Authentic Tours! We are a group of locally-owned nature-aqua-agri-cultural and heritage tourism businesses committed to providing unique opportunities to experience ‘Real Florida’ in an environmentally-friendly way. Fort Pierce Authentic Tours offers everything you love about Florida’s distinctive habitat. We hope you will visit us for an exhilarating vacation adventure amid unmatched natural beauty and ‘Old Florida’ charm.

Fort Pierce Authentic Tours is a group of nature-based Fort Pierce businesses committed to promoting the
unique natural and historical experiences that the area has to offer in an environmentally responsible way.
here to learn more about our organization.

Boat & Kayak Tours
Take a guided boat down the biologically diverse Lagoon or take an airboat …
fishing_charterhome Charter Rentals, Boat Rentals, Bait & Tackle
Charter your own boat for the day with or without a guide or jump aboard a …
Ranch Tours
Attend  a real working cattle ranch where the owners are committed to preserving..
Botanical Gardens
Visit the largest public tropical bonsai collection in the United States, featuring 100 bonsai…
Agriculture Tours
Visit a citrus packing house, stay for lunch, enjoy fresh fruits or pick up some…
Environmental Educational Centers
Many unique experiences including touch tank demon-strations, fascinating…
Beach Horseback Riding Here’s a unique way to explore Fort Pierce’s pristine beaches beside the Atlantic Ocean… Heritage Trails
Follow self-guided trails commemorating the lives and times of Zora Neale Hurston…
Regional History
Catch an insightful glimpse of the unique history and culture of the area. Chocked full of…
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Fort Pierce is easily reached from just about anywhere in Florida. Both Interstate-95 and Florida’s Turnpike have exits in Fort Pierce. State Route 68 and 70 are gateways from Central Florida.  Travelling from outside Florida, other countries, 5 major airports are within a short distance.